Duke the elephant is back to the Southern part of the Kruger Park, he used to have huge tasks which touched the ground while standing. Now both tasks are broken from digging roots. Duke do no longer have any option but to dig using her feet or browse on the leaves and twigs.
Added: 2009-11-21 09:29

Elephants move South of the Park - 2009-11-08

Elephants have increased, as it is estimated that theres more than 15 000 of this mammals in the Kruger National Park. In winter the elephants migrate  North of the Park in order to browse on the Mopani trees. Between December and January Mopani Worms breed and feed on the Mopani trees forcing the Elephants to move South of the Park... more

Gentle Giants in Kruger National Park - 2009-11-07

The number of White Rhinos are inreasing in the Kruger National Park due to the success of conservation efforts. It is now common to sight this gentle giants in the Park. I fear that like the elephants they may soon present an over population problem in Kruger.    ... more

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