Elephants move South of the Park

Elephants have increased, as it is estimated that theres more than 15 000 of this mammals in the Kruger National Park. In winter the elephants migrate  North of the Park in order to browse on the Mopani trees.

Between December and January Mopani Worms breed and feed on the Mopani trees forcing the Elephants to move South of the Park to avoid contact with the Mopani Worms. It is believed that when a Mopani worm enters the trunk of this Big Mammal can cause severe discomfort and may lead to premature death in the quest to remove the worm.

Moving South during this season leads to the Elephants to feed on Marula trees (see pic below), fruit and their leaves. Marula tree is sacred to many as it  produces fruit which can be processed to make a nice fruit juice known as "nhlowa" in Shangaan, kernels (Timongo), oil and fermented beer that is well known for its laxative characterics when consumed beyond the limit. It is believed that Elephants do get drunk from eating to much of the marula fruit.